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Fuxi AI Support
NetEase Fuxi Lab is considered as the first professional game AI research division in China. Fuxi is founded on the principle of bridging artificial intelligence and electronic games through transdisciplinary research. We use cutting-edge technologies to reshape the audiovisual experience of our gamers. In the meantime, the mass data and virtual environment provided by our game platform also enable us to boost the development of AI frontier research.
We focus on researching big data platform, user persona reinforcement learning, computer vision & graphics, natural language processing, speech synthesis & music generation, and their potentiality in video game industry. At the top-level AI meeting NeurIPS 2018, Fuxi Lab organized a successful workshop and introduced a programming framework for reinforcement learning.
In the same year, the Lab applied a variety of AI technologies to games, such as AI-powered avatar creation in Justice, the smart child enabled by interactive AI in Ghost, and player AP evaluation in Fever Basketball. Besides, the Lab has incubated NetEase Crowdsourcing, Danlu AI, Public Opinion Monitoring, FuXi Data Source and other platforms available to NetEase and beyond.
Intelligent Virtual Agent · Cooperation
An NPC in Justice called Ye Wenzhou

Creating the virtual idol in Justice based on Ye Wenzhou, an apprentice of ZiZaiMen which located in SanQing Mountain. With the help of camera and microphone, players are able to contact with Ye Wenzhou, and he will respond to players’ order by word, facial expressions and body languages. To make this Intelligent Virtual Agent running successfully, we have applied many advanced technologies, such as Computer Vision and Graphics, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition and Synthesis, Animation Synthesis, Reinforcement Learning, User Profile, Sociobiology and Social Psychology.
User Portrait · Cooperation
MatchMaking in A Chinese Ghost Story

MatchMaking is a core component of many online games, ensuring the game enjoyment and hence lowering the churn rate of players. Traditional matchmaking methods are based on rules or an one-dimensional value (e.g. ELO or TrueSkill) to profile and match players, which lacks the flexibility, compatibility and fast convergence to the modification of games and evolution of player abilities.
We build a matchmaking system that profiles players by combining the attributes and dynamics of each player during the game, guarantees the balance and entertainment among teams, improves the engagement of players.
Reinforcement Learning · Cooperation
AI Bot in Fever Basketball

A multi-agent(MA) system is a system in which multiple agents with independent observation, reasoning, and decision-making capabilities interact in a specific environment, and it is a model for complex scenes in real life. MA reinforcement learning(RL) is using RL to solve MA problems. Different from single-agent RL, MA RL faces more challenges from issues such as greater environmental uncertainty, learning instability, reliability distribution, and communication constraints. We successfully used MA RL in the mobile game of Fever Basketball, trained 3v3 robots, obtained approval from the product side, and officially put into use.
Computer Vision & Graphics · Cooperation
Beauty Score in Justice

There is excellent function called Beauty Score in the game called Justice, creating a virtual world which is extremely similar to ancient China. Players create different appearances by adjusting two hundreds-dimension parameters so that they can enjoy such a personalized function. We score the appearances created by players, using a pre-training regression model. According to the results, we present level and comment to players. Additionally, the scores coincide with public’s opinion, which means that people can clearly understand whether the character they created is beautiful or ugly by the score they get.
Natural Language Processing · Cooperation
Smart Child – Conversational AI in Ghost

Conversational AI, incorporated in the parenting system of Ghost by Fuxi Lab, creates a chatbot which could talk with players like a smart child. The system is also the first open conversation AI system applied in interactive entertainment industry on a large scale. We will redefine conversation in games by continuously powering and promoting games to create more products including smart NPCs and voice assistants.
Interactiveness Innovated.Personality Enhanced.Smart skills Provided.Parenting experience Improved.Social attribute Enriched.
Thunder Fire Technical Center
Aiming at becoming a world first-class technical team, the Thunder Fire Technical Center is committed to providing high-quality public technology and cutting-edge technology support for various Thunder Fire games, building a first-class team of technology R&D and technical support.
Responsibilities: to sort out, maintain and configure excellent public technology of current products for avoiding redundant R&D and reducing technical risks; to keep correct and unified work flow and develop efficient developing tools for improving developing efficiency and lowering R&D costs; to evaluate the technical completion of the product and its technical risks at various stages of product R&D and to provide a solution; to explore cutting-edge technology for improving the game quality and user experience as well as setting industry benchmarks.

- A Typical Case

Working with team of Justice, our team completed a real-time ray tracing demo based on NVIDIA RTX Technology, which showed the effects of soft shadow, true reflections, caustics, DLSS and etc. in games.
During the keynote speeches of Jensen Huang, the founder of NVIDIA, at GTC China 2018 and CES 2019, he showed the demo we made to the whole world for multiple times. It was the first time that domestic games stood on such large stage. It was also the first time for domestic games to stand at the forefront of global technology.
Thunder Fire Marketing Team
Thunder Fire Marketing Team is the public support division responsible for product promotion and release. It provides professional and mature integrated services to release and promote Thunder Fire games.

- Games Released

Thunder Fire marketing team has rich experience in the industry, making the release and operation of more than 10 PC games great successes.
The games include the Ghost series, Justice, Butterfly Sword and Fever Basketball. Thanks to excellent game design and unique marketing tools, Ghost, Fever Basketball and Butterfly Sword have been listed among top free apps on the App Store. Ghost has entered the top five grossing apps; Fever Basketball has occupied the first place in free sports games, beloved by players; Justice has been under the spotlight repeatedly for “Ding Lei in rage” and “Clever ploys of operations team on Weibo”, and servers were filled up shortly after it was released. Justice has been among top search lists of Baidu Tieba, Weibo and live streaming platforms with soaring popularity, setting numerous records. It also gained millions of likes and followers on WeChat public accounts, Tik Tok and other WeMedia platforms.

- Awards

Thanks to the high quality of games and ingenious marketing techniques, Thunder Fire marketing team has received considerable attention and appreciation in the industry and beyond.
With encouragement from the industry, Justice was awarded the Best Cross-Industry Content Idea of the year; Ghost won the Best Marketing Efficiency Award at ShunWang Game Conference, Top Ten Official CG and Promo Video Award of the Eighth Chinese Online Games' Top 10 Videos, and uuu9’s Players' Choice Awards for Imagination and Best Marketing; Thunder Fire’s marketing case Ghost and Love O2O Crossover won IAI Golden Award and Golden Flag Award for the Most Influential Entertainment Marketing.
These are persuasive and professional awards recognizing Thunder Fire marketing team’s ability.

- Classic Cases

Our team has created textbook-level TV-Game cooperation case of Ghost x Love O2O by hiring young talents who have brought new blood into our team and making surprising moves in product promotion. With the exposure of TV series, spreading of social media as well as the integrated marketing of video advertising and TV commercials, the upsurge of “everyone playing Ghost” has been set off. With the high rankings among mobile games and heated discussions on social platform, we have set a precedent for the industry and further won many marketing awards.
Our team continues to make surprising moves. For the first time, Fever Basketball has cooperated with TV show and becomes the only partner with Dunk of China (Season 1), a popular show on Youku (a famous online video platform in China). Zhang Ning and Zhou Rui, champions of this TV show have then endorsed Fever Basketball. In addition, Fever Basketball has cooperated with Kuroko’s Basketball, a well-known Japanese sports manga series which was then celebrating its 10th anniversary. Kuroko Tetsuya and Kagami Taiga, main characters of Kuroko’s Basketball, became avatars in Fever Basketball.
The marketing of Justice, however, goes a different way. In 2017, 520 Netease Game Lovers Conference came under fire for its flaky planning with Ding Lei, CEO of Netease, scolding the project group of the Conference, which successfully boarded Weibo hot search list and triggered people’s curiosity. Right before the eve of 520 Netease Game Lovers Conference in 2018, Justice marketing team repeated its ploy. This time, the time of playtest was given away in advance by Ding Lai, which attracted a crowd of onlookers.
Thunder Fire marketing team’s surprising and unique marketing method has offered the public more opportunities to get to know and love the high-quality games produced by NetEase. The marketing team not only performs well in the domestic market, but also explores overseas markets, dedicated to bringing Thunder Fire games to the whole world.
Thunder Fire User Experience Research Center
Thunder Fire User Experience Research Center (Thunder Fire UX) aims at becoming the first-class user experience team in the video game industry, and it is committed to help various NetEase and Thunder Fire products achieve the best user experience. As a result, we have created a service package including user experience analysis (UE), user statistics (US) and user interface (UI), which further completes our user research mechanism encompassing design, user experience and big data support.

- User Experience Team

we conduct user experience analysis throughout the life cycle of games, from the demo period till after release. The team utilizes qualitative and quantitative methods to identify target user groups, to analyze and to define the user persona, usage scenario and their specific needs. We perform detailed assessments of our products, in a bid to improve user experience and accelerate iteration of products.

- User Statistics Team

we tailor the big data service for our products, enhance the mechanism and carry out solutions on game data, as well as build up the cutting-edge data analysis platform of production grade in the industry. We also track the products’ operation status and develop data analysis and visualization tools, so as to provide statistical support to improve our games and to avert risks during operation.

- User Interface Team

we are always ready to provide UI design support in every aspect and address all sorts of UI design challenges in our projects. We provide feasible interactive prototypes for the products and develop specific tools that improve efficiency. Our aspiration is to establish cutting-edge interactive principles for games.
Netease Blockchain
The founding members of Netease Blockchain are elite members from Netease, who have rich backgrounds in Web3 business and extensive practical experience with millions of users.
We provide technical support for blockchain performance and security, facilitating the rapid development of blockchain businesses. Since establishment, NetEase Blockchain is constantly attracting elites from inside and outside the company, with its competitiveness continuing to soar.

- Netease Blockchain

Founded in 2017, NetEase Blockchain is committed to technology research and application of blockchain on web3.With more than 200 core technology patents, NetEase Blockchain has undertaken the construction of numerous national projects.
The team has developed its own top-notch blockchain engine, the "Tianxuan" engine, and alliance governance solutions. The team has independently developed the state-of-the-art blockchain engine "Tianxuan'' and the operation plan of the alliance chain. This engine, cumulatively processing over 10 billion pieces of blockchain data, can support up to 300,000 transactions per second in a single chain in a decentralized scenario. More than a billion pieces of blockchain data can be processed by it in a single day.
At present, NetEase Blockchain has successfully built a series of products like NetEase Planet NFR platform, blockchain copyright protection platform and Decentralized Identity Servic. It has launched a number of popular blockchain approaches and products for more than 50 million users, including individuals, government and enterprise customers. Businesses' transition to Web 3.0 in various ways is also supported.
In the future, NetEase Blockchain will be committed to serving more industrial transformation, contributing to the high-quality development of the digital economy, and creating more high-quality application cases.We aims to gradually integrate blockchain technology into public life, reshape the trust system of the digital economy, and create a brand new world for Web3.0.
Netease Blockchain invites you create a new world of Web3.0 together!
NetEase Games Montréal
NetEase Games Montréal is an integral part of ThunderFire's global strategy implementation. The Montréal Studio strives to bring together talents and technologies around the world. As the Studio furthers NetEase’s globalization and development in North America, it will aim to deliver high-quality games that are loved by players all over the world.

- NetEase Games Montréal

The newly-established Montréal Studio is ThunderFire’sfirst studio in Canada under its global strategy. The Studio’s participation indeveloping Naraka: Bladepoint has helped the game to successfully attractplayers upon its Summer Global Release and the game has sold more than 6million copies worldwide as of November 11, 2021. Under the company’s philosophyof Ingenuity and Innovation, The Montreal Studio will continue to work withits many global partners to create 3A games that are shared and loved by players.
We have an excellent development team, a comfortableworking environment and a system dedicated to cultivating talents and helpingthem grow. We welcome everyone passionate about game development to join us.